Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memories to add to the book

OK its been a few days...OK weeks since I last posted. Am I grounded yet? Any's been a bit busy and I just couldn't help it. I have since gone on Noah field trip and enjoyed his marvelous day of adventure and learning. This time I opted out of the wonderful offer of riding on the school bus. Noah really wanted to sit in the back seat with his awesome friends and I didn't want him to feel bad for me sitting by myself. So I relieved him of the guilt and just drove myself.

The day was just beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. The air was warm yet not to hot. The adventure started out at a glorious park filled with lots of fun and amazing metal activities. Noah, of course in all his glory, had to show me all the activities one can do there. We started out with this sort of strange hanging thing. I say strange because its like a steering wheel upside down. You can hang on it and spin and spin and spin. Interesting huh?!

On to the next station and that was very cool....a very tall metal post sticking out of the ground ever so elegantly, and it had rope on it. This rope went from the ground allllll the way to the top allowing one to take on the challenge of climbing to the top of the pole. This is where I get all weepy and teary son, Noah, took on that challenge and bravely climbed this death defying feat. He made it to the top I tell you. Can you believe it? How awesome of him. I'm soo proud. I'm sure not many children can do what my strong and brave son did. ;)

So after he so graciously made it back down to earth...he had to show me these magical seats. I tell you my son is very lucky. He got to sit in these seats that once you sit down in them, they take you to another planet. You travel up high in the air...just like you are flying. Man am I ever so jealous. Aren't you?

When Noah came back down from his would think he would be a tad bit tired. Oh no. This is my football star son we are talking about now here!!! Him get tired????? He had to make sure that the girls all knew what a great guy he was. Or was it a great time to show off some of his huge muscles for them to oooohhh and ahhhh over. What ever he was thinking...I am sure proud. My son can carry him self with just his two hands over this deep sandy cove and get to the other side with out plummeting to his death. He is such a superman hero type boy....ahhhhh!!!!

OK so this might not of been an adventure of a life time....I know its just a lame ole park that anyone can go to at anytime....but hey you only live once and you got to make the best of it. Be creative, let you mind a kid again. Where in the rule books does it say we must loose our imagination and creativity when we reach a certain age?

Back to this trip to a far off land. We enjoyed the wonderful cuisine of the royal brown bag. It was amazing and neat to sit at tables where the seat is attached. We don't have tables like that at our home. It is cool to go on trips like get to see many different and unusual sites. I so wished you could of gone too....I'm sure you are quite envious aren't you?

After our cuisines were done, we waited anxiously for the next and final stop on this glorious adventure.

The next step was top secret that we weren't even allowed to take pictures. Interesting and mysterious huh? We traveled by foot down a steep hill and wandered through a parking lot and arrived in front of this gigantic building. Inside this building had a huge screen set up. We were at the IMAX. Cool! When we arrived at the doors to the theater, we were greeted by these wonderful workers that gave us these huge alien type glasses. We were to watch the movie while wearing them. Have you ever in your life heard of such an amazing concept?

We were able to see this great documentary on one of the most spectacular places that this earth has to offer. It is very old, and very long, and very deep and very pretty. We got to see Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D. What a truly amazing story and the images were breath taking. I must adventure out west to see this in person in its full beautiful glory. I wont say much about the film...I believe you should go see it for yourself. Very educational and moving tho. Plus its narrated by the sexy Robert Redford. Yummy for an older gentleman.

Once that was over there was just enough time, if the stoplights allowed, to make it back to the school just as the final bell of the day rang. All in all it was a spectacular day, and a wonderful way to share it with my very brave and strong son!!!!!

Signing out for now...but will be back with more updates that have been taking place in my life. Amazing things ahead I tell ya!!!