Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Monday

This Monday the sun is out and its bright blue sky above. From inside one is just imagining the nice warmth of a summer day...yet if you were to actually open up the door you would be quite turned off!!! Its cold and there is white stuff on the ground. I get the whole cycle of life thing. I know we need the winter so that we will have a spring to be grateful for. The new plants, the new baby animals....I get it.
But sometimes winter can just drag on and on. So in honor of Music of my favorite songs of all times that will stick in my head for days was sung by the famous Otis Redding. Now I cant find a video of him singing it LOL...but I came across a beautiful woman who sings it just as well. I can close my eyes and already imagine the warm summer breeze blowing, lounging back and taking life in.......

Heres to whats to come .....Luvs to ya!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Monday

Squeezing in my Music Monday pick before the day is over.  Today has been a bit busy so I haven't had the opportunity to let my brain go deep into thought.  So in honor of my husband and him being home today....I chose this song.  We got married in Jamaica in June 2006 and they video taped the ceremony.  They added music to the whole dvd and this is one of the songs that I had playing at the beginning of the video.  

I am soo blessed to have my husband in my life, and well hes thankful to have me in his ( LOL). Life presents you with soo many forks in the road and making decisions on which way to go is kinda hard sometimes. But in the end we are doing what He wants us to do and we don't need to question that.  Every day we are given is a blessing and an opportunity to fulfill His plan.  So when ever we don't think we have the answer...we just need to sit back, pray, and have faith that everything will be alright.

Peace and Luvs to ya..........

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Worrying is like a rocking chair......Its something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.

I read this quote on a church sign a few months ago and it has stuck with me ever since.  Its funny how life works sometimes.  I was going through some rough emotional stress over this past summer and I was having a hard time just letting go and letting the Lord show me the direction he wanted us to take.  
Every Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday and Sunday I drive down this road and pass this church 4 times each day while taking the boys to meet their father.  As you can tell I see this sign quite often.  I usually read the sign and think...OK, and then just wait a few weeks later and see what they put up different. Everything they put up is wonderful and thought provoking.  But this particular day when I was filled to the brim with stress and didn't know what to do. I was getting very frustrated and annoyed with all the insecurities and unknowns that were in our life.  I just asked God to help and ease my mind and just let us know what direction we should be going in.
Well, that day I just so happened to have to take the boys to their meeting spot. That day that church just so happened to change their sign, and that day God just so happened to speak to my heart. I drove down that road, and looked over at that sign and read.... Worrying is like a rocking chair, its something to do but it doesn't  get you anywhere. Right there it just clicked, shot straight to my heart and every little bit of stress just let go and disappeared.  He spoke to me and let me know that everything would be OK.  Shortly after that...within a few weeks, the direction and answers we were looking for became clear to us.  I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience.  I wasted so much energy on the stressing out and worrying and if I would of just continued to have faith and trust, I could of used all that energy and put it towards something more positive.  Maybe my flowers that summer would of looked nicer..who knows ;)
Since then life has been a bit calmer. I don't tend to stress too much, and when I do find myself starting to feel a bit edgy...that quote just pops right back into my head.

Warmth, Tenderness, and Luvs to ya.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Monday

Its been a few weeks since I posted a Music Monday selection.  I kinda miss it.  I just love music and and it really just speaks to our inner core.  Something about can always find a tune that will express exactly what your feeling or thinking.  It can do amazing things like bring you around from a sad and exhausted state to a rejuvenated and excited frame of mind.  
Isn't it amazing how God can work his hands and sculpt people and use them for amazing tasks. Have complete strangers touch one anothers hearts, minds and souls.   Just the sound of one persons voice can give a tender touch to a person that is in soo much pain.  As much as He has made the sweet sound of silence in a open field, did He give us the wonderful sound of music.  

For my Music Monday pick, Ive chosen Kelly Clarkson's new release. Its titled, My life would suck with out you.  I found it to be very upbeat and exciting and new. Great sound to listen to when on the treadmill. It reminds me of the times with the hubby where we have fought over stupid stuff.  The small trivial things in life.  But its those things and times that just make us who we are.  We are only human and we mess up sometimes.  But without a step back would we never get two steps ahead. Life is all about living and learning from our mistakes.  I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't make mistakes. I wouldn't have the memories or the friends that I have now if I didn't make wrong decisions.  For that I am very grateful of. 
We may think from time to time that if we could only go back and change the choices we made, how much life would be different now. We would think how much better it would be.  But in reality we did make the right choices. We did do the right things.  Because we are on the path of being taught the lessons He wants us to learn. We need to trust in Him and know that He has a greater plan for us.  Its the small little mess ups that teach us the biggest lessons in life. 
So always remember to trust in yourself, trust in Him and believe that no matter how bad things are or how hard things are.....He will always love you, provide for you, and take care of you.  Because quite honestly...I know my Life would suck without Him!!!  

So that brings me to your moment....Whats  speaking to your heart, your ears these days. Whats running and singing through your mind.  Talk to me, I'd love to get up and dance with you or just sit there and hug you so tight.  Whats your Music Monday?????

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

Peace and Luvs to life is better with you in it!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kirsty


Happy Birthday Kirsty!!!!! So today is my good friend Kirsty's birthday, and while she doesn't just live around the corner here in town...she does live around the corner here in cyber world.  I have been friends with Kirsty since we were pregnant with our 8 year olds.  Over the years we have gotten to see so many event happen and unfold together.  Its amazing what kind of friends you can make in these day and ages.  God surely knew what he was doing for us...especially moms.  The ability to just sit down and chat with friends when your nursing or when your baby is taking a nap with out having to worry if the house it clean or if you look nice was never thought of 15 years ago.  Now because of this ability I have been blessed with soo many great friends in my life.  Hence that is why I am writing about one of them....Kirsty.

Kirsty had asked for just one great big wish on her birthday....and that was for others to do just one kind act in her honor for the day.  It could be as little as not yelling at your kids or reading them an extra book at night or just snuggling more with them. Or as big as your imagination would want to take you.   I felt that this was a feasible task to undertake and I wanted to join in on her "party".  

So I went out and bought Kirsty a gift, and had someone special in mind that I wanted to give this gift to.  My sister!!!   See this sister is a different breed of sisters...she is not your typical run of the mill bossy sister like I might be to her LOL.   But this sister is kind and compassionate, dear and true. She has made many mistakes in her life and holds her self accountable for the consequences of those actions.  She has learned the lessons that God wanted to teach her and is trying to be a better person for not only herself and her children but also for the world.  


See my sister was diagnosed with cancer this past summer.  She has not only endured numerous treatments of harsh chemotherapy but also had to have a radical hysterectomy.   So far she has made it through with flying colors.  She is now working on a year long journey of weekly chemo treatments......weekly spa treatments for the inside.  She knows that this is a long road to recovery that she is on, but she is staying soo strong and positive.  This type of attitude can only help her recovery and kick that cancers butt.  For that I'm soo proud of her.  

So back to Kirstys birthday.....Kirsty has gotten into becoming a health nut over the last year or so and has taken up the enjoyable hobby of running (this is where we insert the rolling of the eyes icon cuz.....who finds running to be enjoyable....LOL). Kirsty has taken her love of fitness and has shared it with soo many people and has helped encourage them to want to be better for themselves.   My sister has made a vow to herself that she too wants to become a more fit person and take better care of herself.....having this cancer really does put life in perspective.  So what better gift could I give my sister on be half of Kirsty...why...a new pair of shoes.   Lots of people could go out and just by themselves a pair of biggie.  But when you don't have a lot of money coming in, you kinda prioritize things a bit differently.  My sister who is staying with me for a bit was sooo determined to get fit that it didn't matter if she had shoes or not...she was still doing it for herself.  She would get on the treadmill and walk...with no shoes.

Determination.....that is something I see in Kirsty and that is something I see in my sister.  Its amazing how God used his hands today.  Taking two peoples lives that didn't know anything about each other and placing them right next to each other.  Loving them both unconditionally.  


So for you my sweet Kirsty friend.....Happy Birthday...may this year bring you the kind of joy and peace and harmony that you are so deserving of.    Cheers!!!!!

Oh and Miss Kirsty.....One more little kind act for today as well.  I made a donation to a lady who is raising money for the Special Olympics...her son has Autism and she is participating in the Virginia's Polar Plunge 2009.  Here is the link to the fundraising page so you can take a looksy if you would like.  She is soo close to her goal for tomorrows plunge. There are soo many amazing people out there...... Kathy Starr.

Once again...Happy Birthday to Kirsty...Peace and Luvs to ya.....

(If you were wondering what is in front of our treadmill...we made a motivational board to look at when we are on it....we are nuts I know)