Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Most people have heard of the saying...When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Some bring that motto to life and make the best of certain situations. Others look at the lemon and wonder how they can turn this little yellow sour fruit into something that tastes soo sweet and yummy....and because it seems soo far fetched they never even try. Yet if they just give it a shot...they would be surprised that they too can turn this sour taste into something soo sweet.

If one wants something so bad, one must fight for it. By fighting for it, one must believe in it. By believing in it, this allows the universe to align and make all things possible. Achieving what you believe in is never easy. In fact it can be down right scarey. If we could only fast forward to the end result, we think things could be oh so simple. But because we cant, and must go through the steps to achieve success and those steps are what teach us what we need to become a better, stronger, and more understood individual.

Every day we are given a gift of choice. We can set out and choose how we want our lives to go. We can choose to have a good day, or we can choose to have a bad day. We can choose to wear a blue shirt, or we can choose to wear a black shirt. We can choose to drive to work going one way, or we can choose to drive to work going a different way. We can choose what songs we want to listen to, and what foods we want to eat. We can choose which friends we want to listen to, and choose what we want to say to our kids. No one can make that choice for us. Only us, as individuals, can choose that for ourselves. In the end, what we believe in is what affects our choices.

Choosing to believe and believing to choose.......................any which way you look at long as you have HIM in your life....all things are possible. HE would never let you down, and HE will never leave your side. You will give up on yourself, yet HE would never give up on you.

So dont think that lemons cant turn to lemonade......believe in that fruit and know that it is meant to be used to make that lemonade. What doesnt kill us, only makes us stronger. We only get to live this life once....of course there is going to be set backs and stumbling blocks....but from those allows us to learn and to strive to be better. Live your life the best way you know it, and continue to learn to make it better.

I believe in you. I believe in HIM. I believe that life will not let you down. I believe that all things are possible when you just believe.