Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music Monday on Tuesday

Oh its that time of year again where life just gets soo overwhelming and starts slipping by. Oh how I love the familiness and love that comes but I just hate that when you blink you miss something.
So with that being said I love this time of year for all the music that is brought out and played to celebrate His birth. Its amazing how our little voices can become soo big when you just sing about Him.
Here is a new song this year by Faith Hill. Its soo moving and beautiful. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to just sit back and listen. I just love her voice. Simply wonderful.

A Baby Changes Everything
Faith Hill

May you be wrapped into the warmth of his Spirit,
Enjoy the Reason for the Season,
Luvs to ya

Monday, November 24, 2008

Music Monday

Today's Music Monday selection goes out in honor of my Grandma that passed away on Saturday. She is an amazing, wonderful, and caring woman. She lived her life the way she wanted and the way the Lord wanted. Life may of been hard on her path, but she never once gave up and she always came out with a smile. She had a grace about her that lit up a whole room and a silly craziness like Lucille Ball. She will always be in my heart and I will never forget. I was blessed to have come from her genes. May she rest in peace and may she now be free from the disease that killed her (Alzheimer). She is finally home, where she wanted to go.......

Luvs to you....

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Hobby

Well because of these harder economic times that we have had to endure...I have found a new hobby that has been turning into a fun little game for me. This is called "Couponing" by some folks...being "Frugal" by others. However you want to call it, I have been just having fun. I have started cracking myself up at some of the deals that are just sitting there at the store waiting for a little ol customer like me to pick up on it.

One great one I found was at our local grocery store HyVee...where one day I needed a roll of sausage to add to beef up my spaghetti sauce since my lovely hubby likes meaty sauce to take over the noodle aspect of the meal LOL. To put it bluntly he is not a pasta person...which I can not fathom what is wrong with him. I know deep down somewhere in my past life or something I must of been an Italian because man o man I can eat pasta daily if given the choice LOL. So anyways...The Dealio....ok. Well how it started was I had a coupon for a $1 off log of Jimmie Dean sausage and on the roll there happened to be a peelie coupon for if you bought that roll you get a package of fresh Jimmie Dean links or patties for free. Hmmmmm....scratching my head...that means the $3.79 sausage - the $1.00 Q = $2.79 with a free $3.88 link or sausage...meaning take $2.79 and divide that in half = $1.40 a package...how could one go wrong with that. So I bought me a the roll and went on my merry way. Well after checking out the register printed another coupon out for me for a $1 off my next purchase of 2 or more.

Well a few days went by and I needed another roll of sausage. I went back and now they had a little machine there that just pops out Coupons for $1 off a Jimmie Dean sausage. Cool. There was still some sausages with free link/patties peelies on them. Can you say Stock Up!!! LOL. This deal was just sitting there.

Another one I came across this week was at Target. Target has web coupons that you can print off. This week they had a $1 off the Flat Earth veggie chips and I just happened to have a manufacture coupon for a $1 off as well. Well I went to go see how much they would be with $2 off (using both coupons) and low and behold the bags all had peelie coupons for $1 off the bag....and they were $2.69 - the $1 Target Q and - $1 peelie Q = .69cents!!!! Score...and they are quite nummy I might add.

So these were just a couple things I got that were just sitting there waiting to be taken home by me. Maybe they are waiting for you as well...you never know. Gotta check it out. Its a fun little game to play. I have gotten tons of other deals as well...too numerous to mention at this moment.

Anywho....till next time. Peace and luvs to ya.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LeeLou's Blog

I just love this blog that makes blog templates. They are just soo cute and darling. Very creative. Please take a moment to check her out. She is doing a Launch Party right now with lots of giveaways over the next days.

Peace out and luvs to ya.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Monday

Well today's Music Monday pick that I have chosen has kinda two things to it. I love this song and think its really great and has a wonderful message behind it. But also that this song is played in this movie, which I saw this past weekend.

I absolutely fell in love with this movie and recommend it to every couple out there. If the couple isn't married...I think it would give them a great lesson for the future. If they are and their marriage is kinda rocky right now, it would give them hope that things can turn around. If their marriage is just fine...I think this movie can show them that they can make their marriage awesome! And even if your not in a relationship, this is definitely a great movie to go and watch the story play out. This movie brings many blessings to many people and I feel that it is most definitely a movie all must see.

So take a break from life, set up a date time with your love. Escape the hum drum of the day to day stuff, and go cozy up in a warm, dark theater and let your mind be taken for a wonderful ride.
John Waller's While I'm Waiting

Have a marvelous day and luvs to ya............

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music Monday

What do you see? What do you hear? What have you learnt from others? I don't know about you...but I am a people watcher. Yes, I admit it...we could be waiting at a restaurant to be seated and I will be caught just watching people and how they are interacting in their life. My mind will wander and wonder and try to figure out their story. Most of the time...their stories in my head are pretty glamorous and wonderful. But the reality of it is...we don't know what is actually happening in a total strangers life.

Do you ever wonder what they may be going through? I mean we sit there from time to time and wish that we could just exchange our lives with someone else. We are assuming that their life is much better than ours. We see our friends that have a beautiful big home and gorgeous kids and wonderful jobs. But could they be struggling with trying to pay the bill, struggling at keeping the job, could they be trying to fight off an illness that they haven't shared with anyone. Could their perfect children be having problems at home that they are not sharing with you.

Everyone seems to try and put up a picture of what they think everyone wants them to be like. But have you ever just looked into their eyes and really see what they may be going through. Stop imagining that just because your life is not going so well...that theirs is wonderful. We need to stop and really see who people are. Stop and listen to them speak.

So the next time when you catch yourself "people watching", try to see into their eyes and when your out and about....maybe just be a little bit more courteous to the strangers around you. We don't know what they are going through...just like they don't know what your going through. Just because your having a bad day or time in your life...doesn't mean your the only one. Just take a moment...breathe.......listen.....

Brandon Heath's Give Me Your Eyes

Peace out and luvs to ya....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who are you? What do you stand for?

I'm sorry...but I'm getting a bit annoyed and tired at all this badgering and cutting down of one another. Why does a Presidential Campaign have to be about what the other one doesn't do or what they didn't do or how bad they did it. Why cant someone just stand up and say enough is enough. This is who I am and This is what I stand for. This is what I want to do for my country I love so much. This is what I want to do for the people I so strongly care for.

Why would we want to vote for a person that all they can do is cut down someone else. Weren't you taught manners? Yes I understand that everyone makes mistakes in their past and everyone learns from their mistakes. But from those mistakes makes us a much better and stronger individual. From what Iv learned...we all are just human. No ones perfect...not even one.

So will the real President elect stand up and just tell us what you will do for us? Ignore the bully in the other corner, because he will get whats coming to him. I didn't realize that a Presidential Campaign is like watching a whacked out version of Romper Room. Come on people....can we just act our age?

Sitting in my time out chair,
Luvs to ya....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Music Monday

So today I am posting a song that I hear from time to time and it seems to always pull at my heartstrings...it is very inspirational because of who we all are. It doesn't matter what path in life your on, God will always take you back and will always forgive you...no matter what.

We all deep down know what path we must take in life...and sometimes you come to many forks in the road and there is pressure to lead you down the wrong fork...yet you didn't know that was the wrong way until you already went through it. What may have once seemed like a wrong way...was actually the right way..because it made us who we are today.

God knows what direction we will go, long before we are given the choices. He didn't give up on us when he saw us heading in the wrong direction...yet he just quietly held our hands and guided us in ways that we were unknowing of. So if you think that you haven't lead the right path in your life and that all is lost....it is not. You are on the path that is meant for you. It has made you who you are today and has given you so much strength and knowledge. He has always been there with you. You just didn't "know it".

So in honor of Him and who he is and what he does for us....my song pick for Music Monday is:

Jeremy Camp's Take You Back

I hope you realize how special you are and that everyday you are given is truly a gift. You are walking down the path that is made just for you and that everything is going to be truly OK.

Many blessings and luvs to ya....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your Voice Does Make a Difference

Please take the time to register and vote. The deadline for registering is fastly approaching. Please check and see when the deadline is for your state. Mine is 28 days prior to the voting day. Today marks 34. I am headed to my county clerks office to update my addy and last name since I didnt do it after I got married. So I strongly urge you to please please please...Vote!!!! You can make a difference!!!

Peace out and luvs to ya!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lucky Me....Whoo hoo!!!

So I was blessed with a blog award today! Sweet Christie from Christie's Thoughts sent me this award. It is a Gold Card award titled BFF, Blogging Friends Forever. Not only is this an awesome award but it is my very FIRST award.

The deal is when receiving this award is I have a duty to pass it on. I was given a set of rules...Here are the rules:

-Only five people allowed

-Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog

-One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world

-You must link back to whoever gave you the award

OK, so I am not sure if I have any followers from other parts of the world, so I don't think I can follow that rule so I will say a different part of the country, but I have done my best to adhere to the rest with these recipients.

My loyal followers:

Janet at Life In Focus

Kirsty at Momedy

Missy at I Love This Circus

Kim at Kim's HideOut

My new follower: Denise from Our Full Nest

So I am off to "virtually" spend my winnings on all the things I have dreamed about buying. I will try not to go too overboard, but man o man my imagination can carry me away sometimes!

Peace out

Luvs ya.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Music Monday

This song has been pulling at me for a month now. It has become one of my favorite ones these days and I just love listening to it over and over again. Maybe it hits home for me and my past. I don't quite know, but I do know that all I have to do is call on Him and He will always be there.

I'm sharing this particular video because I found that with the band explaining themselves at the beginning, it helps reiterate that music comes from the soul and just speaks in soo many ways. Whatever kind of mood your in, or whatever kind of day your having...there will always be a song singing from it..all you have to do is listen.

Third Day singing Call My Name

Have a marvelous day,
Peace out and luvs to ya!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary work.

I am a lucky person because I have friends. Now you might think....why is that lucky, we all have a friend or two. Well I'm especially lucky because I have these friends that I have known now for almost 9 years and they are truly amazing. What makes them soo unique and different than any other friend I have is that they are true angels sent from above. I met these girlfriends when I was pregnant with my youngest Ethan....like I said, almost 9 years ago. Its the amazing world of the Internet that allows us to meet up on a day to day basis and have a cup of joe to drink and chat amongst each other. Tho we might not "see" each other everyday, we don't let that stop us from having a true meaningful friendship. One that does not compare to any other.

These friends will allow you to be yourself, allow you to tell your deepest darkest secrets and not have to worry about if they will spill the beans. These girlfriends will be there no matter what....No Matter What!!!! Its like saying they have an unconditional love of friendship for each of us. Don't get me wrong, there has been a tiff from time to time, but life is too short to hold grudges and dwell on the negative. We build bridges and get over it.

These angels sent from above will lend a shoulder to cry on, hold out a hand to help lead the way, encourage your sorrow with a smile soo bright, and teach you in ways that you didn't think was possible. To these amazing friends I will ever be so grateful for. I will always cherish them for who they are and what they represent. Its very hard to come by these types of friends. Its a friendship that you just don't take for granted. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary work.

This past Friday, one of these amazing and most dear friends lost her battle to cancer and has gone on to relax in the daisy fields of heaven. She was a true fighter and warrior, one that wouldn't take any gruff from anyone. She now is in the most beautiful place of all and no longer suffering from the pain that this world has caused her.

She will be truly missed and there will always feel like there is an empty chair sitting there next to the table where we all gather at. She will never be forgotten, that is for sure. She has impacted the lives of soo many that her greatness and lessons of life will be carried on through each and everyone of us...her friends. Its like the saying...once a friend, always a friend. Even tho shes not here with us no more, she will always be a friend.

So heres to the friends we have, heres to the friends that are yet to come, heres to the times that we cherish and the times we will never forget......

Peace out, luvs ya....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One of those days.....

What is it that makes us go from completely "normal" one minute to a complete and utter mess the next? Why is it one day we are totally fine and the next we are the ugliest person on the planet, we are the fatest person around, we have the messiest house ever and man who would dare step foot in our place? Everything we have, something is so wrong with it and we can find flaws in every little thing!

Yes my dear friends there is an answer to that burning question and even tho we all hate to admit it....we all know this deep dark secret. Even tho we totally hate to admit it...even to ourselves (in the moment). The true answer can always be found and blamed on our one true enemy.

We take responsibility for our feelings and answers...oh no...we can not have that!! This one we have to blame on someone else. For it is not like us on a "normal" day to even fathom acting or thinking this way.

I know, I know...we are taught to take responsibility for our actions and never to lay blame on others. The way that pleases God and results in spiritual growth is to accept personal responsibility for our actions. (now whining)...But can't we just blame this one on our mean spirited, quite hurtful and self centered Aunt Flo? I mean, what harm would that bring? Its not like she would mind that we blame her.

Plus we would have a definite answer to "the" burning question, and that just only makes us more knowledgeable when others may ask....Why are you acting all weird like today?

Peace out and maxi pads....
Luvs ya

Monday, September 8, 2008

Music Monday

Music comes from the soul and tells a story. Music touches us in so many different ways and really shares how our day/week may be. Ive always been a big fan of music and try to always listen to the story that the artist is sharing. Some songs I love just because they are catchy and fun to sing along to. Others I love because they hit home, they share what I'm feeling, or its like the artist stepped into my soul and is telling my story. Any which way you look at it, music is just an awesome sound. God granted so many people the ability to give the world a beautiful experience. I'm just privileged to be able to have the opportunity to hear them.

My Monday Music pick for this week is Heidi Newfield with her song Johnny and June. I chose this song because this is how I feel towards my husband....

Soooooo whats your song this week...what/who is speaking to you? I'd love to hear your Music Monday pick.

Awesome day and Luvs to ya.........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

That time again.....

With the crisp, rainy weather that we had to day...it truly marks the end of another era...the end of another summer. Time to dig out those jeans and sweatshirts, and figure out what your going to do with all those straggly looking plants in the pots that you cant bear to just throw away because they were once oh sooo pretty and ohh soo part of the family LOL. But yes...it is getting to that time of year again when we say adios to the hot summer sun and hello gloom and doom. Now I really don't mind the jeans and sweatshirt (as long as they still fit from last year) but I don't really care for the jeans and sweatshirt with another shirt underneath with a huge coat over top.
But what are we to do about it...there really is nothing we can. We just gotta go with the flow and realize Mother Nature knows what shes doing. Or we hope so anyways. I know its all part of the cycle and if you live in the Midwest like I do, seasons do come and go. I guess we must look at the positive in all that we can. I mean when the leaves do change colors, they are truly magnificent in all their glory. You can drive to wonderful areas and see the bright hues of yellow, orange and red. Then there is the lovely bonfires at night that help take the chill off while you sit around swapping stories with wonderful friends. There is the fun hay rack rides at the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. There is no more mowing the yard....OK I would rather mow the yard than rake leaves or shovel snow. But I am trying to look at the positive in all that we are given.
So it has officially started here...the beginning path to the next season. Has it started there for you yet?

Oh and since its been colder and we have been inside...we have watched some television recently. Well this one commercial caught my ear....not my eye...but my ear. Not that I'm a big fan of them, but the McDonald's McRib is back and they have a new commercial out. Well the song that they play is just sooooo.......ohhh catchy. Soo cheery. I kinda like it, yes I do. So what did I do...yep I checked it out. And come to find out...hes pretty cute if I do say so. And he has some other good songs too...check them out....Matt White.

So that's that for today. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and you are staying some what dry and warm today!!!!

Peace out and luvs ya!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Life these days seem to be just a bit of a frugality. If its not a gray moment in time, or a deep inhale of air because you have forgotten to breathe...its definately a money thing these days. If we only would know how the future would treat us...would we make the decisions that we have made and be staring in the face the hard truth of the present. I think if we had a crystal ball to see in the future...each and everyone of us would look at life a bit differently. Wouldnt you? I mean...if you could see how tomorrow would turn out..would you do today differently? If you could see how next month would turn out...would you want to change how you play out this next week?
Well unfortunately we arent blessed with balls made of crystal or a fast forward button like on a vcr. But we do have one thing...and that is faith. God wouldnt give us anything that he didnt think we could handle. We must just believe that we go through these obstacles in life to learn different lessons and appreciate new things. We must believe that with him in our lives...anything is possible.

In the past I used to be very knowledgable about being frugal. Well situations changed, time changed and I lost touch with my inner frugal being. I slowly started to get back to those roots and explore more. Heck Ive been getting the sunday paper now for about 3 months and just now sat down today and started to clip out those coupons. Ive come across some really informative websites where I can turn those little peices of paper in to something "like" gold. LOL.
I went out on my first run today and hit Walgreens. Thought I'd take baby steps and get the hang of things. Well for my first shop...I think I might have scored a bit. Lets see....this is what I got.....
I got Peter Pan PB~ $3.49-$1.82 walgreen q - $1 mf q = .67¢
Glade Oil Scents~ 2/$4.49 - bogof mf q = free
Glade oil refill~ 2 @ $1.99 each - bogof mf q = $1.99 for 2
Puffs tissues~ $1.49 - .60¢ walg q - .25¢ mf q = .64¢
Rimmel eyeshadow~ $4.79 x 2=$9.58 - walg bogof - mf q bogof = free
I also got the 5/$11 pepsi which equals out to $2.20 a pack
Oh and I got this pack of hair ties that is normally $4.99 and it was clearanced to $1.29

My receipt showed I spent with tax....$19.42 and my total savings was $32.82
So what do you think? Did I do ok for my first official frugal shop?

I must admit...it was a bit fun. The challenge of getting stuff for free. Now mind you Im not going to turn into a pack rat and collect stuff just cuz I got it free. But it will help making the lack of money seem to go a bit farther. Plus I love to take on challenges from time to time. Now if I could find an easy, no thought process idea for organizing all these coupons.

Luvs ya

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lucky Penny

Tonight as the boys and I were walking to the van after a quick stop in the grocery store, I looked down and saw a tattered penny...heads up no less. So the saying popped into my head....Find a penny pick it up, all day you will have good luck. Ethan saw me pick it up and I said the saying to him. He then asked, so will you have good luck for the rest of today mom? I replied very quaintly...oh not just for the rest of today...Ive got a full 24 hours of good luck coming to me son. (hey what do expect when you pick up a penny at 8:30 at night now?!)

At this point in time, finding that tattered penny only reminded me of the trying times we have endured recently. Our whole beings as a family has really taken a beating and we are that tattered penny. We have gotten walked on, banged up, dropped and left out in the cold....but we are still there, still whole, still hanging around. I dont know if the dream of good luck will actually come around with in the next 24 hours...you know those wise tails and all, do you really believe?
But I do know that things really cant get worse if we allow them to.

As long as we continue to stay whole, stay true to ourselves, love each other like no one else can, and continue to have faith and believe in Him...all things are possible.

Like Saint Augustine quoted oh soo many years ago and to get your mind thinking...."Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."

Luvs ya......

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Beginnings

It has come to that time of year again....the chance for new beginnings. The ability to let your inner self become the being you yearn for. The time for changes and time for fresh starts. That time a year when "do overs" are totally accepted. It is Back to School Time!!!!!!!!
This year is a big year....our beloved Princess is starting a new adventure....On that will make a big impact on her whole being...one that she will never ever forget.....The start of High School. 9th Grade.......

Then our sweet little man...keeps getting oh not soo little...he will still keep his same teacher that he had from last year..Mrs Versluis....but he will move on up to the next grade......4th Grade......

And our adorably cute litte poppet moves on up and starts this year off with a new teacher...Mr Achers. We only hope he succeeds as much as he did last year...he made huge improvements and now is able to move on up to 3rd grade.....

So as we turn the page in our family life and start off on a new adventure....may they succeed in all that they do and dream...may they be blessed with the profound ability to learn and excell at all they are taught.

Here are some extra photos from the shoot...the dogs wanted in on the action......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Most people have heard of the saying...When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Some bring that motto to life and make the best of certain situations. Others look at the lemon and wonder how they can turn this little yellow sour fruit into something that tastes soo sweet and yummy....and because it seems soo far fetched they never even try. Yet if they just give it a shot...they would be surprised that they too can turn this sour taste into something soo sweet.

If one wants something so bad, one must fight for it. By fighting for it, one must believe in it. By believing in it, this allows the universe to align and make all things possible. Achieving what you believe in is never easy. In fact it can be down right scarey. If we could only fast forward to the end result, we think things could be oh so simple. But because we cant, and must go through the steps to achieve success and those steps are what teach us what we need to become a better, stronger, and more understood individual.

Every day we are given a gift of choice. We can set out and choose how we want our lives to go. We can choose to have a good day, or we can choose to have a bad day. We can choose to wear a blue shirt, or we can choose to wear a black shirt. We can choose to drive to work going one way, or we can choose to drive to work going a different way. We can choose what songs we want to listen to, and what foods we want to eat. We can choose which friends we want to listen to, and choose what we want to say to our kids. No one can make that choice for us. Only us, as individuals, can choose that for ourselves. In the end, what we believe in is what affects our choices.

Choosing to believe and believing to choose.......................any which way you look at it....as long as you have HIM in your life....all things are possible. HE would never let you down, and HE will never leave your side. You will give up on yourself, yet HE would never give up on you.

So dont think that lemons cant turn to lemonade......believe in that fruit and know that it is meant to be used to make that lemonade. What doesnt kill us, only makes us stronger. We only get to live this life once....of course there is going to be set backs and stumbling blocks....but from those allows us to learn and to strive to be better. Live your life the best way you know it, and continue to learn to make it better.

I believe in you. I believe in HIM. I believe that life will not let you down. I believe that all things are possible when you just believe.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memories to add to the book

OK its been a few days...OK weeks since I last posted. Am I grounded yet? Any who...life's been a bit busy and I just couldn't help it. I have since gone on Noah field trip and enjoyed his marvelous day of adventure and learning. This time I opted out of the wonderful offer of riding on the school bus. Noah really wanted to sit in the back seat with his awesome friends and I didn't want him to feel bad for me sitting by myself. So I relieved him of the guilt and just drove myself.

The day was just beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. The air was warm yet not to hot. The adventure started out at a glorious park filled with lots of fun and amazing metal activities. Noah, of course in all his glory, had to show me all the activities one can do there. We started out with this sort of strange hanging thing. I say strange because its like a steering wheel upside down. You can hang on it and spin and spin and spin. Interesting huh?!

On to the next station and that was very cool....a very tall metal post sticking out of the ground ever so elegantly, and it had rope on it. This rope went from the ground allllll the way to the top allowing one to take on the challenge of climbing to the top of the pole. This is where I get all weepy and teary eyed....my son, Noah, took on that challenge and bravely climbed this death defying feat. He made it to the top I tell you. Can you believe it? How awesome of him. I'm soo proud. I'm sure not many children can do what my strong and brave son did. ;)

So after he so graciously made it back down to earth...he had to show me these magical seats. I tell you my son is very lucky. He got to sit in these seats that once you sit down in them, they take you to another planet. You travel up high in the air...just like you are flying. Man am I ever so jealous. Aren't you?

When Noah came back down from his flight...you would think he would be a tad bit tired. Oh no. This is my football star son we are talking about now here!!! Him get tired????? He had to make sure that the girls all knew what a great guy he was. Or was it a great time to show off some of his huge muscles for them to oooohhh and ahhhh over. What ever he was thinking...I am sure proud. My son can carry him self with just his two hands over this deep sandy cove and get to the other side with out plummeting to his death. He is such a superman hero type boy....ahhhhh!!!!

OK so this might not of been an adventure of a life time....I know its just a lame ole park that anyone can go to at anytime....but hey you only live once and you got to make the best of it. Be creative, let you mind go...be a kid again. Where in the rule books does it say we must loose our imagination and creativity when we reach a certain age?

Back to this trip to a far off land. We enjoyed the wonderful cuisine of the royal brown bag. It was amazing and neat to sit at tables where the seat is attached. We don't have tables like that at our home. It is cool to go on trips like these...you get to see many different and unusual sites. I so wished you could of gone too....I'm sure you are quite envious aren't you?

After our cuisines were done, we waited anxiously for the next and final stop on this glorious adventure.

The next step was top secret that we weren't even allowed to take pictures. Interesting and mysterious huh? We traveled by foot down a steep hill and wandered through a parking lot and arrived in front of this gigantic building. Inside this building had a huge screen set up. We were at the IMAX. Cool! When we arrived at the doors to the theater, we were greeted by these wonderful workers that gave us these huge alien type glasses. We were to watch the movie while wearing them. Have you ever in your life heard of such an amazing concept?

We were able to see this great documentary on one of the most spectacular places that this earth has to offer. It is very old, and very long, and very deep and very pretty. We got to see Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D. What a truly amazing story and the images were breath taking. I must adventure out west to see this in person in its full beautiful glory. I wont say much about the film...I believe you should go see it for yourself. Very educational and moving tho. Plus its narrated by the sexy Robert Redford. Yummy for an older gentleman.

Once that was over there was just enough time, if the stoplights allowed, to make it back to the school just as the final bell of the day rang. All in all it was a spectacular day, and a wonderful way to share it with my very brave and strong son!!!!!

Signing out for now...but will be back with more updates that have been taking place in my life. Amazing things ahead I tell ya!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

That Time of Year again....

And so it goes....Its that time of year again when school activities start winding down...or just go in fast forward?! I dont know but it tends to be a bit hectic. The kids are fastly approaching the final weeks of school, so what does that bring.....Yeah...Field Trips. Oh how we all look forward to the day we can all sit together on a bright yellow bus and just listen to each other sing over the lovely sounds of our fellow friends. And when you are in this bright yellow bus you see the world from a different view, and all the things you pass every day now seems soo much cooler and much more exciting. Oh the fun exciting adventures of field trips...how can one not enjoy this cozy time with 50 fellow school mates.....I know I enjoyed it tremendously.

So this year Ethan gets to go first. With him we get to go on a very educational trip. We head across the river and venture down to the swamp lands. Hmmm who would of thunk we had swamp lands here in IA/IL. Oh wait thats right...quite common when the Mississippi banks are just a tad bit full and spill over just a weeeee bit LOL.

Oh how did we all fit inside that bright yellow bus???? Oh thats right...3 to a seat, so we all could snuggle and grow closer to each other. Yes the love of friends is one of the blessings we endure.

Here we sit waiting for our directions and anticipating all the fun and exciting adventures that lay ahead of us. One can only wonder what new and exciting things we may see today that we've never seen before.

Our first adventure was a very nature filled hike that took us to a bird look out. Along the way we got to listen to the pretty music that all the different kinds of birds loved to sing to us. It was quite hip and current. Maybe they should try out for the next season of American Idol...you never know who will get through these days.

In this hike we got to see some awesome swamp stuff. Quite captivating in all its natural glory. Yet the thoughts of what it would be like once the sun went down brought on quite disturbing visions. Shudder!!!! To top it...the wonderful tour guide had this handy dandy pocket sized thingy that let you hear all the different sounds that different frogs make. Some quite charming others rather frightening...if your still invisioning what it would be like with the lights out there....ugh!!!

Once we arrived at the bird look out, the tour guide set up his handy dandy telescope for all to view through. The anticipation of what we were about to see was almost too much for some to bear.

Look up in the sky.....is it a plane or superman? No its a bird...not just any bird tho...A Pelican!!!!! Once again..who would of thunk that Pelicans would inhibit the great Midwest?! But yes indeed....we saw Pelicans. Not just this one....it had a few friends with him as well.

Once we were done oooohhhing and ahhhhing at the birds, we headed back to the next step of our adventure. Along the way we got stopped by a most frightening creature. *gasp* It was a slithering, slimmy ssssscarey gardner snake. Oh my...I almost wasnt sure I could handle much more.

Our next adventure was quite fun and amazing. We were taught about the marsh and were given these wonderful nets. Not butterfly nets...no! These nets were to scoop up mucky, muddy water to find snails, and tadpoles, and beetles and such. Yumm!!!

Right around the area we were working in and observing our finds....we got to also see what a muskrats house looks like. A bit too sheek for my liking...but hey what ever floats their boat right?!

We saw all kinds of neat things there, and found it all mesmorizing.

We finished up our adventure by learning about the water and what is safe water for the fish and wildlife to live in. What causes water to become polluted and unhealthy. It opened our eyes to what we must do to help these wonderful creatures live longer and live in beautiful enviroments.

We had a fun filled picnic lunch there and got to run around and play with all of our fellow classmates. All in all we had an awesome day filled with lots of sun, fun and laughter. With many memories we will cherish forever!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My New Theme Song


I guess you could say
I'm one of those girls
that's always been with one of those guys
you know the type
like right now
he sleeps while I write

But it's better than crying
warn out from trying
from loving a man who always makes it clear
I am not welcome here
Just till he's hungry or friskey or needs something clean
you know what I mean
But not tonight
Cause come the morning light, oh

I'm gonna love myself
More than anyone else
Believe in me
Even if someone can't see
The stronger woman in me

I'm gonna be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again
never, no
Cause theres a stronger woman
a stronger woman in me

light bulbs buzz I get up
and head to my drawer
wish there was more
I could say
another fairy tale fades to grey

I've lived on hope
Just like a child
walking that mile
faking that smile
all the while
wishing my heart had wings
well from now on I am gonna be
The kind of woman I want my daughter to be

I'm gonna love myself
More than anyone else
Believe in me
Even if someone can't see
There's a stronger woman in me
Won't lose myself again
never, no
Cause there's a stronger woman, a stronger woman

this is me packing up my bags
this is me headed for the door
this is me the best you ever had

I'm gonna love myself
More than anyone else
Believe in me, even if someone can't see
There's a stonger woman in me

I'm gonna be my own best friend
stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again
never, no
Cause there's a stronger woman, stronger woman
Theres a steronger woman in me