Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blankness....yet enlightening

Have you ever come across one of those Ah Ha moments yet have a hard time trying to explain it? Its something that enlightens your thoughts yet you wonder why it took so long to realize something so simple. I had one of those yesterday during study. I was listening to the wonderful teacher teach about Forgiveness. Why we should forgive and hand it over to God to take care of. Why carry that burden of consequences on our shoulders after we have forgiven the one that hurt us.

Now while listening and learning my mind decided to keep taking it one step further, and then another step further and then I was hit with an answer to a question I never even asked of myself. Weird how if you let your mind wander, what things it will bring you. I have tried to write and explain what my thought was....just to erase it and try and again...yet just erase it because I couldn't word it correctly.

See I started out with the thoughts of forgiveness that I needed to give to my first two mothers of my life. I was thinking about how I forgave my biological mom for leaving me when I was 7. At a young age I thought that I wasn't good enough for her. I thought that there was something wrong with me, and that is why she stopped visiting me. (my dad had custody of me) I had these yearning thoughts growing up wanting to be with her and live with her. She had 6 other children after me and I always wondered why did she choose to be with them and not me. It didn't help that I was being raised by my second mother that was so mentally abusing to me. I felt that I was being treated differently from my brothers because I wasn't hers. As a young child I felt like I was being treated cruelly yet had no way to speak my voice. Every time I tried to defend myself, I would be made out to be a liar. I mean....don't adults believe adults over children first most of the time??? So whom would believe me? So I spent the rest of my childhood living in fear, living to make her and everyone else happy because I hated the consequences of if I messed up and made someone upset.

Fast forward to being a mother myself. I have always yearned to want to be the ever present mother to my children. Before I had children, I would talk to my (ex)husband about if we had kids, that we would never get divorced because we never wanted to put our kids through what we went through as children ourselves. Yet...what happened? We obviously divorced. Thankfully tho it was done at a point that the boys were very young and hopefully they didn't endure any bad repercussion from it. Then I went out on the adventure of single motherhood. It broke my heart to know that I wasn't there all the time for my children...that the daycare, the teachers, their father, and even my parents would spend more time with them than I would because I was working 45-50 hours a week. I was the one that was picking them up in time to take them home to bed.

After a few years of this, I did end up meeting a wonderful man that I now call my husband. Since marrying him I have been blessed to be able to stay at home and once again care for my children like I had always yearned to. Now that they are a bit older and not the young babies I nurtured daily, and are in school learning to become the wonderful people that they inspire to be. I have from time to time heard the suggestion of getting a job outside the home. And when this suggestion is said, a secret panic button inside me is pressed. Noooo I cant. I will find any and every excuse to buy me more time. =0) Now I know that it would not be the end of the world if I ventured back out into the real world....but yesterday made me realize why I have a hard time with those thoughts.

I guess deep down I have this feeling that if I did go out and work again...that I would be leaving my children. I would be leaving them when they need me!!!! Maybe its not what they would think...but its that inner child in me that pops up and says...NO, don't leave me again. I need a mom there, I need a mom that wont leave me, I need a mom that will love me, and hug me. I realize that I am trying to compensate for what I didn't have when I needed it the most. I have been carrying this inner sadness for along time and never realized it....till yesterday.

So a lesson on Forgiveness turned into a lesson of learning how I'm just crazy LOL!!! No, I know I'm a bit disturbed...but that is why I'm trying to learn all my inner demons and become a better person. I have forgiven my first mom, I know now as an adult she was only doing what she thought was best for me. I know now that I was better off living with my father. I have since forgiven my second mom, because I know now that she was mentally ill herself back then. She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. With the help of medication and hand of God....she will eventually become well again, or as close as one can be in with that diagnosis. All her actions and hurt will be her demons to battle and only she will be the one to answer for them. I forgive her...but I am still working through the hurt. I am trying my best to hand it over to God, but one cant be fixed overnight....its an ongoing process...a journey to finding the best you that you are able to be. There were reasons why I was faced with all the hard stuff growing up and in adulthood....I wish I knew now...but I know he will reveal his plan in his own time.

As it is written: "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." Matthew 6:14-15

Peace & Loves to ya!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


As I looked around today and soaked in all that the people I was around today acted and talked about, it made me wonder a bit.  I understand that each and everyone is their own unique being. Each different in their own special blessed way.  I sat back and admired how one person just had this pizazz about themself.  They just were......I don't know how to really word it.....they just were living, being. 

They didn't care if someone or anyone looked at them weird. They were having down right fun. They acted like a child might act. Not necessarily childish behavior but how a child just plays and has fun with no cares in the world.  What intriged me was the question what age were we told to let go of that feeling? When were we told that as soon as we were adults that those feelings must be shelved? 

Can you think back to that feeling you got when you were a kid having fun?  Maybe that time when we went outside on a late night to play hide and seek with our friends...or how when we played on the playground during recess? Something about those feelings seemed so free. But I want to know why I hardly ever have those feelings anymore?

Don't get me wrong. I still have fun and do crazy stuff. But its just not that same deep down inner fun feeling? Why did it have to be shelved for me? How do I get that back or what do I need to let go to get it back?  Or is that feeling just gone now? 

I don't know the answer yet. Its something I will figure out on this journey tho. Do you still have your inner childhood pizazz? Or has yours been shelved too?

Peace & Luvs to ya!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


For a few weeks now....I have been studying the parables that Jesus has given us to help us better understand life. We are presented with the Sower, the Wise and Foolish Builders, the Persistent Widow, the Pharisee and Tax Collector, the Weeds and the Wheat, and the Mustard Seed and the Yeast. A few great stories that really make you dig deeper into your thoughts to try and better understand whom you truly are and who you can truly inspire to be.

If I had to choose one parable right now that would best suit what I am...or what I'm going through. It would be very hard. For I think that I have a few of those going on inside me right now. The parable of the Sower can describe the part of me that is going on this journey to better myself, and find the true meaning of my life. I know that I have lived the shallow heart during a period of my life. Letting my emotions and quick decisions burden the road that I should of been patient on. Often blaming myself and hating God for what I experienced. (loss of my son) I also lived with the crowded heart...taking on all the worries of my life and every ones around me. Always trying to fix what was wrong. Taking on all the blame. (mentally abusive childhood) That part of me that wanted to be in control of situations and make sure everyone is happy. Not turning it over and having the patience and understanding that He will take care of everything....including me.

There has been soo many times in my life (sons death, divorce) where I would have loved to hit the fast forward button and just skip over the hurdle that I was experiencing. Just as in the parable of the Wise and Foolish builders....I wanted to just skip all the hard stuff not knowing that it was the important work...just so I could see the end result. But if it wasn't for the lessons that were presented to me along the way...I would not be able to build the firm foundation that I need now...and for the rest of my life. By learning to be patient, leaning on God and his I know that any storm that is brought to me can be survived. No matter how difficult and strenuous it may seem. I must constantly remind myself of his faithfulness. As someone said....worry is just practical atheism. If you worry, you're acting like an unbeliever.

I like this quote by Ogilvie: "Anxiety is the result of doing our own thing, on our timing and with our resources. Freedom from anxiety comes when we desire to do what God wants, when He wants it and with whom He wants it and by His power. God's work done without God's power depletes God's people."

I have a long journey ahead of me to truly understand my purpose that He has created for me. But for this lesson, I am not even tempted to hit the fast forward button anymore. I want to study and learn, and understand all there is to know. I want to drink all that life has to offer me. For if I cant truly learn my can I teach my own children? So if I look within myself, and change what I need to change, have the faith and patience to know that He is in control. I believe that my life can and will be lived to its fullest potential....because its the life He has chosen for me. If you had to choose one...could you choose a parable that fits your life? Which one are you experiencing or have experienced?

Lamentations 3:25-26 The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks him. It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

Peace and Luvs to ya!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

32 years old, 4 children and precious time just slipping away. Oh how I wish I could help her!! Life is such a blessing! My sister is a blessing!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So its been awhile since Ive actually sat down at the computer. Kinda needed that break for a bit. Kinda weird how our lives revolve around a little box these days. Ive decided that maybe those little thoughts that kept rolling around in my head over the past few months needed to be released and what better way than just letting them go. See I'm not to worried any more about what people think of me and what I write about because I know that not many people read my writings so I'm sure the bizarre things I write about will just end up floating in the cyber clouds.

Up until recently I have been consumed with what I need to do or what I need to say to get people to like me. Is what I am...good enough for others? I also have always dreamed about what it would be like stepping into other shoes. Seems like we always want to pick up the shoes that tell the good stories...never the ones that tell the bad. Then I can I actually find the true meaning of my OWN life if I want to live through others. I cant...It would be living a fraudulent life. Definitely not a true life for myself. But even tho I tried to fit in.....trying to post about my lovely wonderful beautiful kids.....or posting pictures etc. I just couldn't get the feel for it. Felt like a failure in comparison to those other beautiful/talented/witty/smart etc... bloggers.

Seems like I'm always trying to be like everyone else...but never just being Me. So I'm going to take this little blog space to just ramble about what thoughts go through my head on a day to day or week to week or month to month basis. (see I'm putting a disclaimer in there case I cant make it back tomorrow ) I'm going to set out to really find the true meaning of my life. I may write about how depressed I'm feeling. Or I may write about an off the wall topic. But either way I'm letting it go...and I know that will be best for me. I am the one that is usually the listener in the conversations....never seems like what I have to say matter to most people. Everyone can go on and on about what they need to. I will always listen. Never stepping on toes.

So there you have it. This little corner of cyber heaven will be occupied by me. Just me. My thoughts. My conversations. My inspirations. My ME!

Now I didn't say you had to please don't feel compelled. For I am truly not trying to burden no one. Ive found out how to do this via email and via maybe just maybe I can get to this more than once every harvest moon.

Much love and peace


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Music Monday

Yesterday was a glorious day. 
Yesterday was a blessing
Yesterday was so meaningful
Yesterday doesn't have to end.

Life is made up of soo many different scenarios and stories. We all face different obstacles and hurdles that we have to over come.  But in the end...all the paths lead straight for the same destination.  No matter how much you try and avoid certain detours in life...and how much you try and avoid certain different the end you will end up at the same destination that was meant for you. 
Your life has meaning and a plan. Everything that you give today has a purpose and an effect whether you realize it or not. Every word you say to someone can and will effect them in a way that you might not see or comprehend.  Every gesture you show towards someone else or even towards yourself will have an some point.  Just think back....I know the older we get our memory starts to fade...but I'm sure there is a time you can remember when someones kind gesture really made you feel good. I'm sure you can also remember a time when someones cruel gesture made you feel bad or unworthy.  Same for the words that came out of another mouth towards you.  We have all lived a life where soo many of us hear what others don't hear or realize what they are saying.  In fact I'm sure at one point in our lives we may have been guilty as well. 
We may not remember the times we said something snotty to someone...yet that one person still to this day remembers it.  What about that time when you were in such a hurry that taking 3 seconds out of your day to hold that door for that one person may of been the best present that person received that day...but you just let it slam in front of them...not even realizing it. 
We take so much for granted sometimes that we can not see past our own feet and into the lives of others. We can not see the true blessings that are bestowed upon us and how miraculous our lives really are. Lots of times we just walk through the day doing the same thing and the same stuff and not stepping back and seeing the true blessings that the day had to offer us.  

Your life is glorious.
Your life is  blessing.
Your life is meaningful.
Your life doesn't have to end.

You are special to me....luvs to ya...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo Shoot Fun!!!!!

Yesterday my lovely cousin, Kelly needed test subjects for her new job training at the Picture People. So when asked, the boys joyfully volunteered!!!!!  Here are a few shots from the shoot.

Thanks for looking!!!!!

Peace and luvs to ya

Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Monday

I know I know..its been a month...bad Stefani bad!!!!


This weeks pick I made it tough on myself.  You see music is the universal language for so many people. It can hit you so hard or it can make you cringe by just the right or wrong notes.  Every song writer usually has a story to the meaning of it....or they just put a great rhyming melody together and its a big hit.

But just as people come with all kinds of layers to do songs.  A song may mean one thing to someone but take on a totally different meaning to someone else.  That's when a good song is really a great song.  When you can dig down beneath the different layers and see the beauty that comes from with in it.  The true meaning of music, like all art, is seen through the eye of the beholder.  Even some of the crappiest of songs...are a true piece of artwork in their own form.   Just like the famous pieces of art that you wonder what all the fuss is about.

This week I chose for Music Monday the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song Snow (Hey-o). I chose this song not only cuz I like the melody and the beat...but because this song can be interpreted many  ways.  A quick obvious interpretation could be that its about drugs...cocaine or heroine.  But if you get past the first layer and start digging might find more to the song.  Could it be about a man that is trying to recover and break free from drugs and find his own self worth?  Could it be about life in general. That there is more to it that what you see on the outside? 

The interpretation is really in the eye of the beholder and what you want to take away from it. All people are unique...all songs are unique. That's the great beauty in it all. God works his magic in breath taking ways that who are we to question it.

So here you is my Music Monday pick....

and just for fun.....take a look at this 9 year old boy....truely talented....

Peace out and luvs to ya'll

Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Monday

This Monday the sun is out and its bright blue sky above. From inside one is just imagining the nice warmth of a summer day...yet if you were to actually open up the door you would be quite turned off!!! Its cold and there is white stuff on the ground. I get the whole cycle of life thing. I know we need the winter so that we will have a spring to be grateful for. The new plants, the new baby animals....I get it.
But sometimes winter can just drag on and on. So in honor of Music of my favorite songs of all times that will stick in my head for days was sung by the famous Otis Redding. Now I cant find a video of him singing it LOL...but I came across a beautiful woman who sings it just as well. I can close my eyes and already imagine the warm summer breeze blowing, lounging back and taking life in.......

Heres to whats to come .....Luvs to ya!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Monday

Squeezing in my Music Monday pick before the day is over.  Today has been a bit busy so I haven't had the opportunity to let my brain go deep into thought.  So in honor of my husband and him being home today....I chose this song.  We got married in Jamaica in June 2006 and they video taped the ceremony.  They added music to the whole dvd and this is one of the songs that I had playing at the beginning of the video.  

I am soo blessed to have my husband in my life, and well hes thankful to have me in his ( LOL). Life presents you with soo many forks in the road and making decisions on which way to go is kinda hard sometimes. But in the end we are doing what He wants us to do and we don't need to question that.  Every day we are given is a blessing and an opportunity to fulfill His plan.  So when ever we don't think we have the answer...we just need to sit back, pray, and have faith that everything will be alright.

Peace and Luvs to ya..........

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Worrying is like a rocking chair......Its something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.

I read this quote on a church sign a few months ago and it has stuck with me ever since.  Its funny how life works sometimes.  I was going through some rough emotional stress over this past summer and I was having a hard time just letting go and letting the Lord show me the direction he wanted us to take.  
Every Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday and Sunday I drive down this road and pass this church 4 times each day while taking the boys to meet their father.  As you can tell I see this sign quite often.  I usually read the sign and think...OK, and then just wait a few weeks later and see what they put up different. Everything they put up is wonderful and thought provoking.  But this particular day when I was filled to the brim with stress and didn't know what to do. I was getting very frustrated and annoyed with all the insecurities and unknowns that were in our life.  I just asked God to help and ease my mind and just let us know what direction we should be going in.
Well, that day I just so happened to have to take the boys to their meeting spot. That day that church just so happened to change their sign, and that day God just so happened to speak to my heart. I drove down that road, and looked over at that sign and read.... Worrying is like a rocking chair, its something to do but it doesn't  get you anywhere. Right there it just clicked, shot straight to my heart and every little bit of stress just let go and disappeared.  He spoke to me and let me know that everything would be OK.  Shortly after that...within a few weeks, the direction and answers we were looking for became clear to us.  I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience.  I wasted so much energy on the stressing out and worrying and if I would of just continued to have faith and trust, I could of used all that energy and put it towards something more positive.  Maybe my flowers that summer would of looked nicer..who knows ;)
Since then life has been a bit calmer. I don't tend to stress too much, and when I do find myself starting to feel a bit edgy...that quote just pops right back into my head.

Warmth, Tenderness, and Luvs to ya.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Monday

Its been a few weeks since I posted a Music Monday selection.  I kinda miss it.  I just love music and and it really just speaks to our inner core.  Something about can always find a tune that will express exactly what your feeling or thinking.  It can do amazing things like bring you around from a sad and exhausted state to a rejuvenated and excited frame of mind.  
Isn't it amazing how God can work his hands and sculpt people and use them for amazing tasks. Have complete strangers touch one anothers hearts, minds and souls.   Just the sound of one persons voice can give a tender touch to a person that is in soo much pain.  As much as He has made the sweet sound of silence in a open field, did He give us the wonderful sound of music.  

For my Music Monday pick, Ive chosen Kelly Clarkson's new release. Its titled, My life would suck with out you.  I found it to be very upbeat and exciting and new. Great sound to listen to when on the treadmill. It reminds me of the times with the hubby where we have fought over stupid stuff.  The small trivial things in life.  But its those things and times that just make us who we are.  We are only human and we mess up sometimes.  But without a step back would we never get two steps ahead. Life is all about living and learning from our mistakes.  I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't make mistakes. I wouldn't have the memories or the friends that I have now if I didn't make wrong decisions.  For that I am very grateful of. 
We may think from time to time that if we could only go back and change the choices we made, how much life would be different now. We would think how much better it would be.  But in reality we did make the right choices. We did do the right things.  Because we are on the path of being taught the lessons He wants us to learn. We need to trust in Him and know that He has a greater plan for us.  Its the small little mess ups that teach us the biggest lessons in life. 
So always remember to trust in yourself, trust in Him and believe that no matter how bad things are or how hard things are.....He will always love you, provide for you, and take care of you.  Because quite honestly...I know my Life would suck without Him!!!  

So that brings me to your moment....Whats  speaking to your heart, your ears these days. Whats running and singing through your mind.  Talk to me, I'd love to get up and dance with you or just sit there and hug you so tight.  Whats your Music Monday?????

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

Peace and Luvs to life is better with you in it!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kirsty


Happy Birthday Kirsty!!!!! So today is my good friend Kirsty's birthday, and while she doesn't just live around the corner here in town...she does live around the corner here in cyber world.  I have been friends with Kirsty since we were pregnant with our 8 year olds.  Over the years we have gotten to see so many event happen and unfold together.  Its amazing what kind of friends you can make in these day and ages.  God surely knew what he was doing for us...especially moms.  The ability to just sit down and chat with friends when your nursing or when your baby is taking a nap with out having to worry if the house it clean or if you look nice was never thought of 15 years ago.  Now because of this ability I have been blessed with soo many great friends in my life.  Hence that is why I am writing about one of them....Kirsty.

Kirsty had asked for just one great big wish on her birthday....and that was for others to do just one kind act in her honor for the day.  It could be as little as not yelling at your kids or reading them an extra book at night or just snuggling more with them. Or as big as your imagination would want to take you.   I felt that this was a feasible task to undertake and I wanted to join in on her "party".  

So I went out and bought Kirsty a gift, and had someone special in mind that I wanted to give this gift to.  My sister!!!   See this sister is a different breed of sisters...she is not your typical run of the mill bossy sister like I might be to her LOL.   But this sister is kind and compassionate, dear and true. She has made many mistakes in her life and holds her self accountable for the consequences of those actions.  She has learned the lessons that God wanted to teach her and is trying to be a better person for not only herself and her children but also for the world.  


See my sister was diagnosed with cancer this past summer.  She has not only endured numerous treatments of harsh chemotherapy but also had to have a radical hysterectomy.   So far she has made it through with flying colors.  She is now working on a year long journey of weekly chemo treatments......weekly spa treatments for the inside.  She knows that this is a long road to recovery that she is on, but she is staying soo strong and positive.  This type of attitude can only help her recovery and kick that cancers butt.  For that I'm soo proud of her.  

So back to Kirstys birthday.....Kirsty has gotten into becoming a health nut over the last year or so and has taken up the enjoyable hobby of running (this is where we insert the rolling of the eyes icon cuz.....who finds running to be enjoyable....LOL). Kirsty has taken her love of fitness and has shared it with soo many people and has helped encourage them to want to be better for themselves.   My sister has made a vow to herself that she too wants to become a more fit person and take better care of herself.....having this cancer really does put life in perspective.  So what better gift could I give my sister on be half of Kirsty...why...a new pair of shoes.   Lots of people could go out and just by themselves a pair of biggie.  But when you don't have a lot of money coming in, you kinda prioritize things a bit differently.  My sister who is staying with me for a bit was sooo determined to get fit that it didn't matter if she had shoes or not...she was still doing it for herself.  She would get on the treadmill and walk...with no shoes.

Determination.....that is something I see in Kirsty and that is something I see in my sister.  Its amazing how God used his hands today.  Taking two peoples lives that didn't know anything about each other and placing them right next to each other.  Loving them both unconditionally.  


So for you my sweet Kirsty friend.....Happy Birthday...may this year bring you the kind of joy and peace and harmony that you are so deserving of.    Cheers!!!!!

Oh and Miss Kirsty.....One more little kind act for today as well.  I made a donation to a lady who is raising money for the Special Olympics...her son has Autism and she is participating in the Virginia's Polar Plunge 2009.  Here is the link to the fundraising page so you can take a looksy if you would like.  She is soo close to her goal for tomorrows plunge. There are soo many amazing people out there...... Kathy Starr.

Once again...Happy Birthday to Kirsty...Peace and Luvs to ya.....

(If you were wondering what is in front of our treadmill...we made a motivational board to look at when we are on it....we are nuts I know)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Favorite Song

If you havent heard this must.  Its a song for every American out there. I just love it!!!!

Peace and Luvs to ya!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday

The inspirational word for this year that has been speaking to me is Hope.  See, quite a few years ago I gave up on hope. I felt that if I would hope for things eventually I would just be crushed in the long run. So why would I want to put my raw self out there for that kind of rejection? I think that is when I started to close myself off to alot of the "good" feelings that would come with life's lessons. 

In trying to better myself, and live a more positive and fulfilling life, I have found that alot of what we all live on and learn from is...Hope.  Without hope, love and faith....what kind of person can we truly inspire to be?  Hope can be defined through two as a noun, and the other as a verb.  As a noun...Hope is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that the events will turn out for the best.  As a verb, Hope is defined by looking forward to with desire and reasonable confidence or better believe, desire or trust.  

So I'm taking a step back and learning that Hope can be a good thing. That if you truly believe and allow yourself to have faith. Good things can come to you and even tho at the time it might not seem like the best situation or is Hope that teaches us that there is a far better lesson to the situation than what we see on the surface at the time.  

So for Music Monday, the song that is speaking to me lately and giving me an Awesome perspective to how He would like us to lead our lives comes from the beautiful Addison Rose.

Here she sings....Hope Now

Here is Hope, Here is Faith and Here is Luvs to ya....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh My......

I love this...Please check this out.......

Many hugs and luvs to ya....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man o Man....where is time going. My word its already the 8th (almost the 9th) day of the month of January. Didn't we just ring in the New Year.  I guess "they" are right that the older you get the faster that time moves along. I want to know whom gave permission for that to happen??!!??

Since time has flown by and life has been crazy (that dreadful 24hour stomach thing hit us...lucky for me it hit me on Christmas...yes lucky me) soo much has happened in the last month. My baby did not listen to me and he decided on his own to turn 10. Double digit 10. I tell you...he's grounded for not listening to me.  I specifically told him that he was not allowed to have any more birthdays. The older he gets the older I get...not that growing old is scary for me....just that its sad that time is flying and hes growing older.  (this is the time where I should insert pictures of him then and him now......but yeah...this computer is not the one with all the pics on it so that will have to come later).
We celebrated Christmas programs and class parties. We celebrated with many family and friends over the holiday season.  (Once again this is where I insert this awesome picture of Santa that I took at a family party....but yeah...its not on this laptop) We had a great time with Aurthur Jingles...our elf friend that visited us shortly after Thanksgiving and stuck around and watched over the boys.  He would report back every night to Santa and let him know how they did that day.  He would return sometime in the middle of night or early morning...who knows, we were sleeping. But he would be found in all kinds of trouble.  Climbing the Christmas tree, stealing crackers from the pantry, eating the food in the fridge, throwing the pillows all over the living room.  Oh the mischief he got into.  But he was a nice little elf and the boys thoroughly enjoyed his company.  Good Bye Aurthur. We will miss you!!!!!
Christmas came and many grateful presents were opened. Now to find the time to sneak in all the rematches to Clue, Battleship, Pictureka, Triominos and many many more games. Its soo awesome to see the joy and excitement that comes from the little children when they get something soo special to them that they just wanted oh sooo bad.  Gotta love the pure hearts. 
New Years came...yeah it came. Now we must get into the habit of writing 2009.  I don't know how many times I caught myself slipping back in history LOL.  By the time I get 2009 down pat...I will need to start preparing lessons for 2010.  Speaking of of 2010....when we get that far along will it  then be called the 10's?  I mean we have celebrated the 40's, 50's 60's, 70's etc. I still don't know what we call what we are currently in...except for recession, but that's a whole other topic.
I had kinda felt like Ive been soo out of the loop. Life had actually consumed me that I didn't have much computer time. Hence no blogs. Hence no check ins on the Myspace page. Hence not many posts on Facebook.  But you know every now and then its good to just be able to sit back and enjoy your family. The computer can be fun and entertaining...but it can also suck you in.  Big time!!!! Its nice to just step back and breathe for a bit.
So since Ive taken in a few breathes of fresh air (ok...cold winter air) I might be able to squeeze  a bit of computer time in.  Ok I admit it. I missed my laptop. I love my laptop. Its my baby and I have neglected it.  Its in heaven now that I'm talking to it again.
Anywho....I really hope that your holidays were fun, wonderful, joyful, and bright!!!! I hope that you were blessed with many presents and gifts of love. I pray that your New Year is going to be your best year. I hope that many blessing are revealed to you and that you can have a calmer and more peaceful year.

Cheers and luvs to ya!!!!!