Monday, April 13, 2009

Music Monday

Yesterday was a glorious day. 
Yesterday was a blessing
Yesterday was so meaningful
Yesterday doesn't have to end.

Life is made up of soo many different scenarios and stories. We all face different obstacles and hurdles that we have to over come.  But in the end...all the paths lead straight for the same destination.  No matter how much you try and avoid certain detours in life...and how much you try and avoid certain different the end you will end up at the same destination that was meant for you. 
Your life has meaning and a plan. Everything that you give today has a purpose and an effect whether you realize it or not. Every word you say to someone can and will effect them in a way that you might not see or comprehend.  Every gesture you show towards someone else or even towards yourself will have an some point.  Just think back....I know the older we get our memory starts to fade...but I'm sure there is a time you can remember when someones kind gesture really made you feel good. I'm sure you can also remember a time when someones cruel gesture made you feel bad or unworthy.  Same for the words that came out of another mouth towards you.  We have all lived a life where soo many of us hear what others don't hear or realize what they are saying.  In fact I'm sure at one point in our lives we may have been guilty as well. 
We may not remember the times we said something snotty to someone...yet that one person still to this day remembers it.  What about that time when you were in such a hurry that taking 3 seconds out of your day to hold that door for that one person may of been the best present that person received that day...but you just let it slam in front of them...not even realizing it. 
We take so much for granted sometimes that we can not see past our own feet and into the lives of others. We can not see the true blessings that are bestowed upon us and how miraculous our lives really are. Lots of times we just walk through the day doing the same thing and the same stuff and not stepping back and seeing the true blessings that the day had to offer us.  

Your life is glorious.
Your life is  blessing.
Your life is meaningful.
Your life doesn't have to end.

You are special to me....luvs to ya...