Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Favorite Song

If you havent heard this must.  Its a song for every American out there. I just love it!!!!

Peace and Luvs to ya!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Music Monday

The inspirational word for this year that has been speaking to me is Hope.  See, quite a few years ago I gave up on hope. I felt that if I would hope for things eventually I would just be crushed in the long run. So why would I want to put my raw self out there for that kind of rejection? I think that is when I started to close myself off to alot of the "good" feelings that would come with life's lessons. 

In trying to better myself, and live a more positive and fulfilling life, I have found that alot of what we all live on and learn from is...Hope.  Without hope, love and faith....what kind of person can we truly inspire to be?  Hope can be defined through two as a noun, and the other as a verb.  As a noun...Hope is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that the events will turn out for the best.  As a verb, Hope is defined by looking forward to with desire and reasonable confidence or better believe, desire or trust.  

So I'm taking a step back and learning that Hope can be a good thing. That if you truly believe and allow yourself to have faith. Good things can come to you and even tho at the time it might not seem like the best situation or is Hope that teaches us that there is a far better lesson to the situation than what we see on the surface at the time.  

So for Music Monday, the song that is speaking to me lately and giving me an Awesome perspective to how He would like us to lead our lives comes from the beautiful Addison Rose.

Here she sings....Hope Now

Here is Hope, Here is Faith and Here is Luvs to ya....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh My......

I love this...Please check this out.......

Many hugs and luvs to ya....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man o Man....where is time going. My word its already the 8th (almost the 9th) day of the month of January. Didn't we just ring in the New Year.  I guess "they" are right that the older you get the faster that time moves along. I want to know whom gave permission for that to happen??!!??

Since time has flown by and life has been crazy (that dreadful 24hour stomach thing hit us...lucky for me it hit me on Christmas...yes lucky me) soo much has happened in the last month. My baby did not listen to me and he decided on his own to turn 10. Double digit 10. I tell you...he's grounded for not listening to me.  I specifically told him that he was not allowed to have any more birthdays. The older he gets the older I get...not that growing old is scary for me....just that its sad that time is flying and hes growing older.  (this is the time where I should insert pictures of him then and him now......but yeah...this computer is not the one with all the pics on it so that will have to come later).
We celebrated Christmas programs and class parties. We celebrated with many family and friends over the holiday season.  (Once again this is where I insert this awesome picture of Santa that I took at a family party....but yeah...its not on this laptop) We had a great time with Aurthur Jingles...our elf friend that visited us shortly after Thanksgiving and stuck around and watched over the boys.  He would report back every night to Santa and let him know how they did that day.  He would return sometime in the middle of night or early morning...who knows, we were sleeping. But he would be found in all kinds of trouble.  Climbing the Christmas tree, stealing crackers from the pantry, eating the food in the fridge, throwing the pillows all over the living room.  Oh the mischief he got into.  But he was a nice little elf and the boys thoroughly enjoyed his company.  Good Bye Aurthur. We will miss you!!!!!
Christmas came and many grateful presents were opened. Now to find the time to sneak in all the rematches to Clue, Battleship, Pictureka, Triominos and many many more games. Its soo awesome to see the joy and excitement that comes from the little children when they get something soo special to them that they just wanted oh sooo bad.  Gotta love the pure hearts. 
New Years came...yeah it came. Now we must get into the habit of writing 2009.  I don't know how many times I caught myself slipping back in history LOL.  By the time I get 2009 down pat...I will need to start preparing lessons for 2010.  Speaking of of 2010....when we get that far along will it  then be called the 10's?  I mean we have celebrated the 40's, 50's 60's, 70's etc. I still don't know what we call what we are currently in...except for recession, but that's a whole other topic.
I had kinda felt like Ive been soo out of the loop. Life had actually consumed me that I didn't have much computer time. Hence no blogs. Hence no check ins on the Myspace page. Hence not many posts on Facebook.  But you know every now and then its good to just be able to sit back and enjoy your family. The computer can be fun and entertaining...but it can also suck you in.  Big time!!!! Its nice to just step back and breathe for a bit.
So since Ive taken in a few breathes of fresh air (ok...cold winter air) I might be able to squeeze  a bit of computer time in.  Ok I admit it. I missed my laptop. I love my laptop. Its my baby and I have neglected it.  Its in heaven now that I'm talking to it again.
Anywho....I really hope that your holidays were fun, wonderful, joyful, and bright!!!! I hope that you were blessed with many presents and gifts of love. I pray that your New Year is going to be your best year. I hope that many blessing are revealed to you and that you can have a calmer and more peaceful year.

Cheers and luvs to ya!!!!!