Monday, November 24, 2008

Music Monday

Today's Music Monday selection goes out in honor of my Grandma that passed away on Saturday. She is an amazing, wonderful, and caring woman. She lived her life the way she wanted and the way the Lord wanted. Life may of been hard on her path, but she never once gave up and she always came out with a smile. She had a grace about her that lit up a whole room and a silly craziness like Lucille Ball. She will always be in my heart and I will never forget. I was blessed to have come from her genes. May she rest in peace and may she now be free from the disease that killed her (Alzheimer). She is finally home, where she wanted to go.......

Luvs to you....

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Hobby

Well because of these harder economic times that we have had to endure...I have found a new hobby that has been turning into a fun little game for me. This is called "Couponing" by some folks...being "Frugal" by others. However you want to call it, I have been just having fun. I have started cracking myself up at some of the deals that are just sitting there at the store waiting for a little ol customer like me to pick up on it.

One great one I found was at our local grocery store HyVee...where one day I needed a roll of sausage to add to beef up my spaghetti sauce since my lovely hubby likes meaty sauce to take over the noodle aspect of the meal LOL. To put it bluntly he is not a pasta person...which I can not fathom what is wrong with him. I know deep down somewhere in my past life or something I must of been an Italian because man o man I can eat pasta daily if given the choice LOL. So anyways...The Dealio....ok. Well how it started was I had a coupon for a $1 off log of Jimmie Dean sausage and on the roll there happened to be a peelie coupon for if you bought that roll you get a package of fresh Jimmie Dean links or patties for free. Hmmmmm....scratching my head...that means the $3.79 sausage - the $1.00 Q = $2.79 with a free $3.88 link or sausage...meaning take $2.79 and divide that in half = $1.40 a could one go wrong with that. So I bought me a the roll and went on my merry way. Well after checking out the register printed another coupon out for me for a $1 off my next purchase of 2 or more.

Well a few days went by and I needed another roll of sausage. I went back and now they had a little machine there that just pops out Coupons for $1 off a Jimmie Dean sausage. Cool. There was still some sausages with free link/patties peelies on them. Can you say Stock Up!!! LOL. This deal was just sitting there.

Another one I came across this week was at Target. Target has web coupons that you can print off. This week they had a $1 off the Flat Earth veggie chips and I just happened to have a manufacture coupon for a $1 off as well. Well I went to go see how much they would be with $2 off (using both coupons) and low and behold the bags all had peelie coupons for $1 off the bag....and they were $2.69 - the $1 Target Q and - $1 peelie Q = .69cents!!!! Score...and they are quite nummy I might add.

So these were just a couple things I got that were just sitting there waiting to be taken home by me. Maybe they are waiting for you as never know. Gotta check it out. Its a fun little game to play. I have gotten tons of other deals as well...too numerous to mention at this moment.

Anywho....till next time. Peace and luvs to ya.....