Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Life these days seem to be just a bit of a frugality. If its not a gray moment in time, or a deep inhale of air because you have forgotten to breathe...its definately a money thing these days. If we only would know how the future would treat us...would we make the decisions that we have made and be staring in the face the hard truth of the present. I think if we had a crystal ball to see in the future...each and everyone of us would look at life a bit differently. Wouldnt you? I mean...if you could see how tomorrow would turn out..would you do today differently? If you could see how next month would turn out...would you want to change how you play out this next week?
Well unfortunately we arent blessed with balls made of crystal or a fast forward button like on a vcr. But we do have one thing...and that is faith. God wouldnt give us anything that he didnt think we could handle. We must just believe that we go through these obstacles in life to learn different lessons and appreciate new things. We must believe that with him in our lives...anything is possible.

In the past I used to be very knowledgable about being frugal. Well situations changed, time changed and I lost touch with my inner frugal being. I slowly started to get back to those roots and explore more. Heck Ive been getting the sunday paper now for about 3 months and just now sat down today and started to clip out those coupons. Ive come across some really informative websites where I can turn those little peices of paper in to something "like" gold. LOL.
I went out on my first run today and hit Walgreens. Thought I'd take baby steps and get the hang of things. Well for my first shop...I think I might have scored a bit. Lets see....this is what I got.....
I got Peter Pan PB~ $3.49-$1.82 walgreen q - $1 mf q = .67¢
Glade Oil Scents~ 2/$4.49 - bogof mf q = free
Glade oil refill~ 2 @ $1.99 each - bogof mf q = $1.99 for 2
Puffs tissues~ $1.49 - .60¢ walg q - .25¢ mf q = .64¢
Rimmel eyeshadow~ $4.79 x 2=$9.58 - walg bogof - mf q bogof = free
I also got the 5/$11 pepsi which equals out to $2.20 a pack
Oh and I got this pack of hair ties that is normally $4.99 and it was clearanced to $1.29

My receipt showed I spent with tax....$19.42 and my total savings was $32.82
So what do you think? Did I do ok for my first official frugal shop?

I must was a bit fun. The challenge of getting stuff for free. Now mind you Im not going to turn into a pack rat and collect stuff just cuz I got it free. But it will help making the lack of money seem to go a bit farther. Plus I love to take on challenges from time to time. Now if I could find an easy, no thought process idea for organizing all these coupons.

Luvs ya

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lucky Penny

Tonight as the boys and I were walking to the van after a quick stop in the grocery store, I looked down and saw a tattered penny...heads up no less. So the saying popped into my head....Find a penny pick it up, all day you will have good luck. Ethan saw me pick it up and I said the saying to him. He then asked, so will you have good luck for the rest of today mom? I replied very quaintly...oh not just for the rest of today...Ive got a full 24 hours of good luck coming to me son. (hey what do expect when you pick up a penny at 8:30 at night now?!)

At this point in time, finding that tattered penny only reminded me of the trying times we have endured recently. Our whole beings as a family has really taken a beating and we are that tattered penny. We have gotten walked on, banged up, dropped and left out in the cold....but we are still there, still whole, still hanging around. I dont know if the dream of good luck will actually come around with in the next 24 know those wise tails and all, do you really believe?
But I do know that things really cant get worse if we allow them to.

As long as we continue to stay whole, stay true to ourselves, love each other like no one else can, and continue to have faith and believe in Him...all things are possible.

Like Saint Augustine quoted oh soo many years ago and to get your mind thinking...."Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."

Luvs ya......

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Beginnings

It has come to that time of year again....the chance for new beginnings. The ability to let your inner self become the being you yearn for. The time for changes and time for fresh starts. That time a year when "do overs" are totally accepted. It is Back to School Time!!!!!!!!
This year is a big year....our beloved Princess is starting a new adventure....On that will make a big impact on her whole that she will never ever forget.....The start of High School. 9th Grade.......

Then our sweet little man...keeps getting oh not soo little...he will still keep his same teacher that he had from last year..Mrs Versluis....but he will move on up to the next grade......4th Grade......

And our adorably cute litte poppet moves on up and starts this year off with a new teacher...Mr Achers. We only hope he succeeds as much as he did last year...he made huge improvements and now is able to move on up to 3rd grade.....

So as we turn the page in our family life and start off on a new adventure....may they succeed in all that they do and dream...may they be blessed with the profound ability to learn and excell at all they are taught.

Here are some extra photos from the shoot...the dogs wanted in on the action......