Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Kirsty


Happy Birthday Kirsty!!!!! So today is my good friend Kirsty's birthday, and while she doesn't just live around the corner here in town...she does live around the corner here in cyber world.  I have been friends with Kirsty since we were pregnant with our 8 year olds.  Over the years we have gotten to see so many event happen and unfold together.  Its amazing what kind of friends you can make in these day and ages.  God surely knew what he was doing for us...especially moms.  The ability to just sit down and chat with friends when your nursing or when your baby is taking a nap with out having to worry if the house it clean or if you look nice was never thought of 15 years ago.  Now because of this ability I have been blessed with soo many great friends in my life.  Hence that is why I am writing about one of them....Kirsty.

Kirsty had asked for just one great big wish on her birthday....and that was for others to do just one kind act in her honor for the day.  It could be as little as not yelling at your kids or reading them an extra book at night or just snuggling more with them. Or as big as your imagination would want to take you.   I felt that this was a feasible task to undertake and I wanted to join in on her "party".  

So I went out and bought Kirsty a gift, and had someone special in mind that I wanted to give this gift to.  My sister!!!   See this sister is a different breed of sisters...she is not your typical run of the mill bossy sister like I might be to her LOL.   But this sister is kind and compassionate, dear and true. She has made many mistakes in her life and holds her self accountable for the consequences of those actions.  She has learned the lessons that God wanted to teach her and is trying to be a better person for not only herself and her children but also for the world.  


See my sister was diagnosed with cancer this past summer.  She has not only endured numerous treatments of harsh chemotherapy but also had to have a radical hysterectomy.   So far she has made it through with flying colors.  She is now working on a year long journey of weekly chemo treatments......weekly spa treatments for the inside.  She knows that this is a long road to recovery that she is on, but she is staying soo strong and positive.  This type of attitude can only help her recovery and kick that cancers butt.  For that I'm soo proud of her.  

So back to Kirstys birthday.....Kirsty has gotten into becoming a health nut over the last year or so and has taken up the enjoyable hobby of running (this is where we insert the rolling of the eyes icon cuz.....who finds running to be enjoyable....LOL). Kirsty has taken her love of fitness and has shared it with soo many people and has helped encourage them to want to be better for themselves.   My sister has made a vow to herself that she too wants to become a more fit person and take better care of herself.....having this cancer really does put life in perspective.  So what better gift could I give my sister on be half of Kirsty...why...a new pair of shoes.   Lots of people could go out and just by themselves a pair of biggie.  But when you don't have a lot of money coming in, you kinda prioritize things a bit differently.  My sister who is staying with me for a bit was sooo determined to get fit that it didn't matter if she had shoes or not...she was still doing it for herself.  She would get on the treadmill and walk...with no shoes.

Determination.....that is something I see in Kirsty and that is something I see in my sister.  Its amazing how God used his hands today.  Taking two peoples lives that didn't know anything about each other and placing them right next to each other.  Loving them both unconditionally.  


So for you my sweet Kirsty friend.....Happy Birthday...may this year bring you the kind of joy and peace and harmony that you are so deserving of.    Cheers!!!!!

Oh and Miss Kirsty.....One more little kind act for today as well.  I made a donation to a lady who is raising money for the Special Olympics...her son has Autism and she is participating in the Virginia's Polar Plunge 2009.  Here is the link to the fundraising page so you can take a looksy if you would like.  She is soo close to her goal for tomorrows plunge. There are soo many amazing people out there...... Kathy Starr.

Once again...Happy Birthday to Kirsty...Peace and Luvs to ya.....

(If you were wondering what is in front of our treadmill...we made a motivational board to look at when we are on it....we are nuts I know)

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Janet said...

Stefani--You are so awesome and lovely and kind. You made me cry. Keeping your sister in my prayers.


Kirsty said...

I have tears AND goosebumps a rare and wonderful combination. I can't imagine a more wonderful tribute or gift. You and your sister are incredible people and I am *really* humbled by this post. I honestly can't express my gratitude that you would do all this for your sister and do it in my honour. You are truly one of the kindest, most selfless and sweet people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.
I love your motivation board by the way! What a great idea!

Btw, I have actually been a runner since I was a teenager, and I can honestly say that it is more often NOT enjoyable then it IS enjoyable, but the results are super worth it and that first semi-effortless run is a wonderful feeling which I hope you both experience VERY soon and often.

Again thank you for making my birthday wonderful, and much love to you both.

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

What a nice birthday gift/contribution. As an avid distance runner (when I'm not pregnant) I love your gift of choice. And although I love the motivational board, a TV works better for me on the treadmill. =O)

Anonymous said...

Stefani, I always knew you had a heart of gold and the size of Texas. I love you girl! I'll be keeping your sister in my prayers.