Monday, October 20, 2008

Music Monday

Well today's Music Monday pick that I have chosen has kinda two things to it. I love this song and think its really great and has a wonderful message behind it. But also that this song is played in this movie, which I saw this past weekend.

I absolutely fell in love with this movie and recommend it to every couple out there. If the couple isn't married...I think it would give them a great lesson for the future. If they are and their marriage is kinda rocky right now, it would give them hope that things can turn around. If their marriage is just fine...I think this movie can show them that they can make their marriage awesome! And even if your not in a relationship, this is definitely a great movie to go and watch the story play out. This movie brings many blessings to many people and I feel that it is most definitely a movie all must see.

So take a break from life, set up a date time with your love. Escape the hum drum of the day to day stuff, and go cozy up in a warm, dark theater and let your mind be taken for a wonderful ride.
John Waller's While I'm Waiting

Have a marvelous day and luvs to ya............

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Denise said...

Here is my attempt Stef.

The movie sounds cool....maybe I can get Hubby to take me for my birthday on Wednesday.